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Replacement of smoke alarm batteries.

Please remember when you change your clocks (end of daylight saving) also change your smoke alarm batteries.

More people die in house fires than bushfires.


A view to the past.

As with many of the early brigades, they came into being through a need to protect the local community, and were a standalone resource funded by their local community.
Often the origins of many of the smaller brigades have been lost in time, past members forgotten, and the valuable contributions from individuals gone unrecorded.
The history of the Merrijig Brigade is no exception. There is some conjecture as to the date that the Brigade was formed, and indeed what the original name was. Glenroy / Cornhill has come to light in recent discussions.
With the official opening of our latest extension to the station scheduled later this year, the Merrijig Brigade is looking to honour the commitment and endeavours of past volunteers and office bearers.
The Merrijig Brigade is inviting the local community to assist in completing a time line of past fire fighters, members and committee members, and is actively seeking input from the local community in tracing the history of the Merrijig Brigade.
We are seeking any information that would assist us in our endeavours, such as newspaper clippings, official documents, ledgers, photographs and of course personal recollections. We would be very happy to record these verbal stories.
Also, the Brigade is looking to collect and display firefighting memorabilia from our area such as uniforms, equipment, and documents- really any items that may give the public an insight into the rich history of the Merrijig Brigade.

Please contact John Findlay on 0409 949 920 or contact us on our email address:
We look forward to speaking with you about our past.